Teaching Cyber Physical Systems Security using Interactive Simulation

"Teaching Cyber Physical Systems Security using Interactive Simulation" is an educational project funded by the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge (CyBOK) and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). In this project, we demonstrate how the CyBOK has been able to inform the design and development of a Cyber Physical Systems Security tutorial series, to address the respective CyBOK Knowledge Area. As a complex and challenging domain to gain practical experience in, we utilise interactive simulation tools to demonstrate concepts and real-world practice. Working through 6 interactive video tutorials, learners will use FactoryIO, OpenPLC, ScadaBR, and Kali Linux to develop a factory environment, configure industrial programmable logic controllers, and illustrate cyber attack vectors. All resources are made available here for the wider education community.

Project Team: Jonathon Stadon, Chloe Gibbs, Ian Johnson and Phil Legg

01-Setting up the Scene (Worksheet 01)
02-Inspecting the Factory Sensors (Worksheet 02)
03-Compromising the Sensors (Worksheet 03)
04-Attaching the Human-Machine Interface using ScadaBR
05-Attacking SCADA and Modbus Communications

Additional Resources:
Circular FactoryIO Scene
Circular OpenPLC ST File
Bakery FactoryIO Scene
Bakery OpenPLC ST File
Water Treatment FactoryIO Scene
Water Treatment OpenPLC ST Scene